A married pastor apologized to his church for having s3x with a woman from the congregation after fleeing naked when her husband caught them in the middle of the afternoon.

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  1. I grew up with Jermaine. He lived across from me. His parents were strict. Father was a pastor as well. Sad to see him end up like this but oh well….he is a pastor and fell into the statistical behavior b that sways people away from the church. Sheeple will still be sheeple and follow. Idiots.

  2. all people do wrong all of us are sinners besides Jesus. Nobody's perfect we all sin it says in the Bible in Romans chapter 3 verse 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

  3. I think all church people are still living in 1953 who the hell really believes in this shit, white settlers came to Africa with one book for the youth at the time to read and guest what it was??? A BiBLE!!!

  4. I use to attend church heavily, and just like these people I too was heavily brainwashed to think and believe that the pastor can do no wrong. I finally broke free from that spell. These pastors are PURE evil! They brainwash their congregants into having them believe that they are high and mighty, and when they do fuck up they know how to get their congregants to have them think it was a misunderstanding to what they did. Fuck these bitch ass pastors. Straight up.

  5. It's wrong all day. But please stop saying "The Church" because not all churches and not all Pastors/Leaders behave this way. It is no different than when white people call Blacks rapists, thieves, shiftless, etc. Don't label all Churches based on what some do and don't hold all Pastors/Leaders accountable for what these filthy wolves do. The True Church does not have these problems. If you are going to generalize the Church, then please don't get mad when white people generalize our People.

  6. Wow! Talking about sinning that he took part in & the members are so brainwashed they stand by him. Mostly women are backing this guy but if they were in the husband's shoes they would be acting out too. To many people following pastors and not following Christ except to ask for something.

  7. I understand the situation. But what about the woman? People keep saying he's a snake. The woman is a functioning thinking adult as well she has responsibility for this as well, she has the power to say yes. So obviously she made a decision to go along with this affair. R.I.P. The real brother who lost his life. Stop believing in this religion bullshit Hebrew.

  8. God says my people are lost because of a lack of knowledge. Y'all need to get your dumb asses out of them churches, especially you,,sining ass women!!!!

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